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Instructor-Led Technical Training and Webinars

Since our inception, we've hosted exclusive training events in 16 countries, and hosted hundreds of online webinars specifically designed to help sales and technical professionals understand their products and value propositions.


Exclusive instructor-led training events.

Since 2004, we've delivered specialized technical and sales training events globally, and as such, we've built an excellent understanding of the intricacies of delivering training to varied culture groups. Aided by our proprietary visual content, as well as our vast experience in the hardware and server spaces, HeadGear continues to provide World-class training. 

With attendee approval ratings routinely over 90%, our training events ensure knowledge transfer and closure of knowledge gaps, and not simply technical entertainment. Our goal is to communicate a value proposition, in a way that is understood and adopted by attendees.



Hosting and delivering training via webinar to technical and sales professionals around the world.

Using our proprietary content and leveraging our 20+ years experience in the sales and IT industry, we specialize in developing and delivering training that ensures maximum knowledge transfer, and closure of knowledge gaps.


From individuals to small teams to corporates, we work with professionals and teams looking to increase their footprint, market share, understanding of their product, and sales methodologies required to effectively communicate value propositions to their customers.