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Content Creation

HeadGear specializes in the creation of targeted visual communications that include product videos, catalogs, brochures, presentations, and whitepapers. We also create visual assets for use in both print and digital media campaigns


We leverage our 3D models and technical understanding to create animated videos to supplement training or as marketing collateral.



HeadGear couples graphic design with proprietary 3D content to create visuals that engage

We focus on creating content that engages with the intended target audience and communicates the value proposition in a clear, easily understandable way. From product brochures to UI/UX design for interactive applications, we work closely with our clients to develop content that meets their business objectives.



Highly detailed, technically accurate models for use in training materials and marketing collateral.

With a model archive of hundreds of detailed, technically-accurate 3D models that have been used extensively in training material, marketing collateral, and animated videos, our team of 3D modelers and animators are able to convert your product or concept into 3D, for use in your marketing materials or training content.